“The Legacy of Harry C. Trexler”

Harry C. Trexler… the name is familiar to many throughout Eastern, PA but few realize this man’s full impact. This visionary created large corporations without losing sight of the community’s needs.

An entrepreneur, statesman and industrialist, Trexler made his mark in the early 1900’s. The General’s endeavors helped him become one of the richest men in the state of Pennsylvania.

Lehigh Valley community members share their memories of Harry Trexler, and the joy his generosity brought to their lives. From thoughtful gifts around the holidays to memorable fishing trips, Harry remembered the little things. His vision for the future makes him a Lehigh Valley icon.

In 2004, PBS39/WLVT honored the Sesquicentennial of General Trexler’s birth by creating and airing a documentary about Harry C. Trexler. Explore the rich heritage of this man and find out how Harry C. Trexler continues to make our community a better place decades after his death.