Pictured left to right:  Mr. Marcon, Attorney Gross, Ms. Musselman, Mr. Fraenkel, Mr. Pidcock

By his Will, General Trexler appointed five valued friends to manage his legacy and invested them with broad discretionary powers. General Trexler further directed in his Will that their successors should be chosen by the Orphans’ Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas of Lehigh County, which has jurisdiction over the administration of testamentary trusts.

Testamentary Trustees

Nolan P. Benner
Victor E. Fritz
Granville J. Heintzleman
J. Thomas Schantz
George F. Seiberling
John C. Shumberger, Sr.
Joseph S. Young

Court-Appointed Trustees

William B. Butz
Elmer H. Bausch
Carl J.W. Hessinger
Richard K. White
Dexter F. Baker
Kathryn Stephanoff
Philip I. Berman
Daniel G. Gambet
Malcolm J. Gross
Robert C. Wood
William F. Greenawald
Barnet H. Fraenkel
Jamie P. Musselman
L. Charles Marcon
J. Scott Pidcock                                Donald M. Bernhard