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2022 List of Grantees

Allentown Area Ecumenical Food Bankunderwrite operating expenses for the food pantry$65,000.00
Allentown Art Museumunderwrite operating expenses$175,000.00
Allentown Band, Inc. (The)underwrite building improvements$4,000.00
Allentown Band, Inc. (The)underwrite operating support for Lehigh County concerts and educational outreach$4,000.00
Allentown Central Catholic High School, Inc.underwrite scholarships for Allentown School District transfer students entering 9th grade with a maximum scholarship of $7,500$25,000.00
Allentown Public Libraryunderwrite operating expenses$75,000.00
Allentown School District Foundationsupport the Allentown School District Science Fair$40,000.00
Allentown Symphony Association, Inc.underwrite operating expenses$70,000.00
Allentown Youth Soccer Club underwrite equipment costs$3,000.00
Animal Food Bank Services, Inc.underwrite operating expenses$10,000.00
Baum School of Art (The)support the 2022 City Arts program$31,000.00
Baum School of Art (The)underwrite operating expenses$110,000.00
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley, expansion of community-based mentoring in Lehigh County$18,000.00
Boys and Girls Club of Allentownunderwrite the expense of a new HVAC system$60,000.00
Boys and Girls Club of Allentownunderwrite educational programming and operating expenses$70,000.00
Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Centersupport programming for Lehigh County residents$35,000.00
Burnside Plantation, Inc.underwrite programming for Lehigh County families$7,500.00
Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valleyunderwrite Lehigh County programs$4,000.00
Casa Guadalupe Centersupport the Pa’Lante Education Program for students K-12$97,000.00
Casa Guadalupe Centerunderwrite operating expenses$75,000.00
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Allentown, Inc.underwrite Lehigh County expenses for community support services$55,000.00
Cedar Crest Collegepurchase equipment for Forensic Science education$25,000.00
Civic Theatre of Allentownunderwrite operating expenses$45,000.00
Coalition for Appropriate Transportationunderwrite expenses for Lehigh County programs$5,000.00
Communities in Schools of Eastern Pennsylvaniaunderwrite operating expenses in the Allentown School District$140,000.00
Community Action Development Corporation of the Lehigh Valleyunderwrite operating expenses for the Sixth Street Shelter$20,000.00
Community Action Development Corporation of the Lehigh Valleyunderwrite youth programming in the Neighborhood Partnership Program$25,000.00
Community Bike Worksunderwrite operating expenses for Allentown programs$80,000.00
Community Music Schoolunderwrite Lehigh County operating expenses$50,000.00
Community Services for Children, Inc.underwrite innovative programming for low-income Allentown children$30,000.00
Coplay Public Libraryunderwrite operating expenses$20,000.00
Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology, Inc. (The)underwrite Lehigh County program expenses$40,000.00
Da Vinci Discovery Center of Science and Technology, Inc. (The)second installment for the Allentown Expansion Project$100,000.00
DeSales Universitypurchase equipment for Speech Language Pathology education$20,000.00
Easterseals Eastern Pennsylvaniaunderwrite developmental evaluations of Lehigh County children$10,000.00
Emmaus Historical Societyunderwrite expenses for community education services$2,500.00
Emmaus Public Libraryunderwrite operating expenses$20,000.00
Everlasting Life Ministriesunderwrite expenses to serve Lehigh County residents$35,000.00
Family Promise of the Lehigh Valleyunderwrite services for Lehigh County homeless families$15,000.00
Franklin & Marshall College (ministerial)underwrite a Christian Ministry scholarship$10,000.00
Fund to Benefit Children & Youth, Inc.underwrite necessities for low-income Lehigh County families$5,000.00
Grace Community Foundationunderwrite operating expenses for the food pantry$30,000.00
Grace Montessori Schoolunderwrite scholarships for low-income students residing in Allentown$12,000.00
Greater Valley YMCAunderwrite capital improvements for the Allentown branch$75,000.00
Greater Valley YMCAunderwrite operating expenses for the Allentown branch$200,000.00
Guardianship Support Agency, Inc.underwrite expenses to assist decision-impaired Lehigh County residents$12,000.00
Habitat for Humanity of the Lehigh Valleyunderwrite the Home Repair Program for low-income Allentown residents$150,000.00
Haven Houseunderwrite food pantry and transportation expenses for Lehigh County residents$30,000.00
Jerusalem House Ministriesunderwrite expenses to serve neighborhood residents$50,000.00
Jewish Community Center of Allentown, creation of a media center$10,000.00
Jewish Community Center of Allentown, general operating expenses$85,000.00
Jewish Family Service of the Lehigh Valleyunderwrite case management services for low-income Lehigh County residents$45,000.00
Lehigh Carbon Community College Foundationsupport educational programs and new technology$50,000.00
Lehigh Conference of Churchessupport improvements to Dubbs Memorial Community Center$70,000.00
Lehigh Conference of Churchesunderwrite operating expenses$125,000.00
Lehigh County Historical Societysupport operating expenses$60,000.00
Lehigh County Humane Societysupport community vet clinic services for low-income Allentown residents$10,000.00
Lehigh County Senior Citizens, social, recreational and educational programs for Lehigh County elders$25,000.00
Lehigh Valley Arts and Cultural Allianceunderwrite operating expenses for Lehigh County services$12,500.00
Lehigh Valley Center for Independent Living, Inc.underwrite operating expenses for Lehigh County services$30,000.00
Lehigh Valley Children’s Centers, the renovation of the South Mountain Center’s play area$25,000.00
Lehigh, County ofunderwrite wayfinding signage at the Trexler Nature Preserve$47,500.00
Lehigh, County ofunderwrite the development of the HUB software for Lehigh County’s Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center (RIIC)$75,000.00
Liberty Bell Shrine of Allentown, Inc.underwrite educational programming for Allentown School District students$15,000.00
Literacy Center (The)underwrite operating expenses to serve Lehigh County residents$75,000.00
Macungie Bandsupport operating expenses$1,000.00
Manito Life Centersupport equine-based therapy programs for at risk, Lehigh County residents$35,000.00
Mercy School for Special Learningunderwrite operating expenses to serve Lehigh County students$55,000.00
Miracle League of the Lehigh Valley (The)underwrite facility improvements$5,000.00
Muhlenberg Collegeunderwrite the internship program benefitting Allentown non-profits$50,000.00
Muhlenberg College (ministerial)underwrite a Christian Ministry scholarship$10,000.00
Municipal Band of Allentown (The)underwrite operating expenses and Lehigh County concerts$1,000.00
Neighborhood Center, Theunderwrite operating expenses$45,000.00
Northern Lehigh Recreation Authorityunderwrite a youth summer recreation program$10,000.00
Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival (The)underwrite educational programming for Allentown School students$25,000.00
Pennsylvania Sinfonia Orchestrasupport for the 2021-2022 season$10,000.00
Pinebrook Family Answersunderwrite operating expenses for services to Lehigh County residents$100,000.00
Pioneer Band of Allentown, Inc.underwrite operating expenses and Lehigh County concerts$1,000.00
Pratyush Sinha Foundationunderwrite programs in the Allentown School District$7,500.00
Promise Neighborhoods of Lehigh Valleysupport increased organizational fundraising capacity$75,000.00
Public Library of Catasauquaunderwrite technology upgrades$15,000.00
Repertory Dance Theatresupport Allentown School District educational outreach programs$10,000.00
Resurrected Community Development Corporation, the Freedom School for Allentown youth$15,000.00
Ripple Community Inc.underwrite operating expenses for services to Lehigh County residents$110,000.00
Sacred Heart Hospital of Allentownsupport the Faith-Based Nursing Program in Allentown$50,000.00
Salvation Army (The)support the Allentown Corps’ operating expenses$185,000.00
Sights for Hopesupport services for Lehigh County residents$12,000.00
Slatington Public Libraryunderwrite operating expenses$30,000.00
Turning Point of Lehigh Valley, services for Lehigh County residents$20,000.00
Union and West End Cemetery Associationunderwrite operating expenses$10,000.00
Valley Against Sex Trafficking, Theunderwrite programming$7,500.00
Via of the Lehigh Valley, employment programs for Lehigh County residents$20,000.00
Wildlands Conservancy, Inc.continue support for the Jordan Creek Greenway$25,000.00
Wildlife Information Centerunderwrite operating expenses for services to Lehigh County residents$25,000.00
Young Women’s Christian Associationunderwrite operating expenses for services to Lehigh County residents$75,000.00
Zion’s Reformed United Church of Christunderwrite operating expenses for the Jubilee Breakfast Ministry$10,000.00